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"The straight glass pipe filled with ethereal white smoke."

I would like to read this, I think.

Felis Catusis your taxonomic nomenclatureAn endothermic quadrupedcarniverous by natureYour visual, olfactory,and auditory sensesContribute to your hunting skillsand natural defenses.I find myself intriguedby your sub-vocal oscillationsA singular developmentof cat communicationsThat obviates yourbasic hedonistic predilectionFor a rhythmic stroking of your furto demonstrate affection.A tail is quite essentialfor your acrobatic talentsYou would not be so agileif you lacked its counterbalanceAnd when not being utilizedto aid in locomotionIt often serves to illustratethe state of your emotionOh Spot,the complex levels of behavior you displayDenote a fairly well developed cognitive arrayAnd though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehendI nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.

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ThinkGeek sells a $13 stainless steel Butterfly Knife Multitool with a flat-head screwdriver, hex-head wrenches, wire stripper, and bottle opener. It’s great for practicing your wrist-action without slicing off your fingers, but still might get you shot if a trigger-happy cop sees you produce it…

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Fractal Patterns:

  1. Pitagoras Tree - Image: Fractal Tree by Ankur Pawar &  30/60/90 tree by Matt Cavanagh.
  2. Sierpinski Triangle - Image: Sierpinski Pattern by Matt Cavanagh.
  3. Recursive Box by Erik Wrebholt.


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The first ever picture of the Mandelbrot set, from this 1978 paper by Robert Brooks and J. Peter Matelski.

For comparison, here’s a more modern representation of this fractal wonder: 

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I’m fascinated by fractals and information theory.



They’re the first major publisher to sign with Bitlit, an app that lets you send a photo of your book’s copyright page with your name inked  on it in exchange for a deal on the ebook.

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No… no I don’t think I’ll be writing in my books for a discount on ebooks. 

There’s a contemporary fixation with happiness in the much of the Western world. Joshanloo and Weijers’ counterpoint is that for various reasons, not everyone wants to happy. From a practical perspective, they say this could seriously skew cross-cultural comparisons of subjective well-being. “It stands to reason,” they write, “that a person with an aversion to expressing happiness … may report lower subjective wellbeing than they would do otherwise.” But their concerns go deeper: “There are risks for happiness studies in exporting Western psychology to non-Western cultures without undertaking indigenous analyses, including making invalid cross-cultural comparisons and imposing Western cultural assumptions on other cultures.”


Kepler’s Dream

Project by Michael Burk is an analogue projection device to intimately view 3D printed objects  - video embedded below:

Kepler’s Dream is an aesthetical investigation, exploring analog projection technology in the combination with computationally created content that is given a physical shape through 3D printing.

Inspired by obsolete projection technologies like the overhead projector, and especially the episcope, an installation was designed that generates unique imagery and a fascinating experience.
Mixing digital aesthetics - parametric and generative shapes - with the qualities of analog projection creates an otherworldly look that seems to be neither digital nor analog.
Interacting with the installation creates a deeply immersive effect, as the instant reaction of the projection and the “infinite frame rate“ let this fantastical world come to life.

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I’d like 3D printed mineral rocks but derived from simple fractal iterations… or a 3D printer that keeps printing out a fractal equation until it consumes the resources of the entire planet.



I am looking for some pretty hardback versions of classics? I’ve seen them around Tumblr, but can’t find a pic to show you guys!

Does anyone know where they would be sold? I’ve looked on Book Depo and didn’t find them (maybe I didn’t look properly) and local Dymocks (Australian book store) didn’t have any either!

penguinclassics might have some nice copies you can look at. If not then I know that Barnes and Noble does some really lovely classic hardcovers.  

Check out publishers websites, they usually have the nicer editions listed for purchase easily enough. And of course, Amazon (I’ve been replacing my pocketbook editions with hardcover ones).